“I have been practicing law in Virginia for over 30 years in Family Law including, but not limited to, Custody, Child Visitation, Divorce, Property Settlement, and Spousal Support.”

I am Randall J. Borden, an attorney with a passion for practicing law in Virginia for over 30 years. My career has been dedicated to family law, encompassing a broad range of services including Custody, Child Visitation, Divorce, Property Settlement, and Spousal Support. I also have significant experience in Estate Litigation, dealing with complex issues in wills, trusts, and estates.

Throughout my years of practice, I have honed my skills in navigating the delicate nuances of family law. Understanding the emotional and financial impacts these cases can have on individuals and families, I approach each case with a combination of thorough legal knowledge and compassionate understanding. My aim is always to achieve fair and just outcomes for my clients, balancing legal acumen with a keen sensitivity to their circumstances.

In the realm of Estate Litigation, I tackle challenges ranging from will contests to trust administration. My approach is to ensure that each client’s intentions are honored and upheld, while also protecting their legal rights. I understand the importance of clear, effective communication in these matters and strive to provide clarity and guidance through the often complex legal processes involved.

My commitment to my clients is unwavering, and I pride myself on being a reliable and trustworthy advocate. Whether you are facing a challenging family law issue or navigating the complexities of estate litigation, I am here to offer my legal support.

Law School:

  • University of Virginia School of Law


  • Economics

Bar Admissions:

  • Virginia State Bar
  • Maryland State Bar